Stop! If you are one of those angry or bitter “I don’t believe in Valentine’s day because it’s a B.S. commercial holiday that puts too much pressure on people to celebrate love on a prescribed day,” you need a hug. It’s not that serious. The world inadvertently celebrates the opposite of love on most other days, so what the heck?! Let’s celebrate that day of “love,” not over-politicize it and enjoy a lot of chocolate and flowers — and YOU, the one who is so anti-Valentine’s, well celebrate it that day and every other day. Be the example for the rest of us!

With that out of the way, you’ve got one week, to think up some spectacular expression of love and share it, and I’ve got some great ideas (I think they’re great!). I believe there’s something for everyone here (thank me later😊):

1. Write cute little notes and put them in different places for strangers to find. Sign it, “You are loved.”

2. Buy a bouquet of flowers for the administrative assistant in your office or school department who NEVER, EVER, EVER smiles!

3. Put dog-safe red coloring in your dog’s food and take cute pictures and post them everywhere (I guess you could do the same thing for cat food. I dunno. I’m not a cat person).

4. Make your partner (or someone you choose) their perfect meal and deliver it to the person.

5. Make your own love coupon booklet for your significant other. ONLY put things on there that you are actually going to be willing to do and will not complain about when it’s time for them to redeem their gift. (I do not hand wash other people’s cars!)

6. Take the chance, ask him or her out on a date – yes, that person you’ve been crushing on! To heck if they’ve got a partner – you’ll never know unless you ask right?

What’s your best Valentine’s Day Memory?

7. Write your special someone a love letter. Take it a step further and make it a vision statement of your love for the next year, seal it and write instructions that they must not open it for another year.

8. Oooooh, let’s rev that one up a notch. How about a love time capsule? That would be really fun to open up 5 years from now (even if you’ve broken up from the person). I really think this would be cool to do with non-romantic loves as well.

9. Send your middle-school or high-schooler a gift for that student that is always alone in school. Your kid doesn’t want to do it? Have a chat on universal love with your kid.

10. If you must do flowers, must it be roses? There are so many beautiful florals in the world, send tulips, begonias, lily’s or something in the person’s favorite color.

11. Go on a date with your mum or your dad (and pay for it!). It would be nice to have a mushy or embarrassing gift to surprise them with at the end.

12. This one’s absolutely amazing if you don’t have a good singing voice: call your person in the middle of their day and sing a verse or chorus from their favorite love song.

13. Do something that would totally embarrass your person – thank heavens I don’t get embarrassed!

14. What’s your definition of love for yourself? Write it out and memorialize it. Take it a step further

Lastly, I don’t know if I believe in Valentine’s day. Or to be more accurate, I don’t think the idea of Valentine’s day is something you need to believe in or not. I do believe that if the whole world has set aside one day to make us think just a little be more about love, that’s a good thing.  So whether you’ve got a person to celebrate with or not, share in some celebration of love on that day. And everyday. Happy Valentine’s day💙.