What do you want to achieve this year? I am willing to bet that you have asked yourself this question, but perhaps not in that specific manner.

Dear Students,

Let me be blunt (like I have to warn anyone of that🤣) Until I started to write this post, even I noticed that indeed I hadn’t done the necessary work towards fine-tuning my list for optimal achievement. So let’s do just that. Writing the list is the easy part. We are going to take one step back and lay the foundation for that list. Find the purpose behind the things we want to achieve. After all, you don’t pursue goals to achieve them just for the sake of achievement, do you? I’ve done that before and I promise you it absolutely lacks fulfillment.

These 5  Questions will give purpose to whatever you want to achieve.

As you take a moment to answer these questions (because you must clarify the purpose behind that which you want to achieve), remember that they do not have to be answered in any particular order. Additionally not all questions are necessary for you to answer, but you must answer at least one of these towards any of your desired achievement goals.

1. Why am I doing this? 

If the phrase “for the heck of it” comes to mind, umm there’s nothing really to achieve here. Seriously, is it for financial gain, personal growth or to effect change? There is no wrong answer – just your answer.

2. What difference do I want to make?

It helps to think about what effect your desired achievement might have on the way things are done, on people’s lives and how they will relate to those changes. It would be amazing if it makes their lives better.

3. Am I good at this?

It’s perfectly okay if the answer to this is NO. Indeed if it is, you may want to look into whether or not you want to gain the experience first that puts you in better stead towards attempting your goal.

4. How does it affect the people I care about?

Even with goals that we set that seem to be individually driven, it is most likely that the vibrations of its process will be felt by those around you. Ideally you want the vibrations to be good ones but anticipating possible adverse affects on those around you is important.

Getting the point? You must fine-tune the driving force behind that which you want to achieve.

5. Is this how I want to spend my time?

It’s the 4th of January 2018 already and if you haven’t noticed, time speeds by. I quite literally equate wasting time to wasting my life (you are possibly reading this line with an unintended condescending look on your face saying, “well of course”). What you spend your time doing will quite obviously take you down one path or another. Really thinking about the time commitment needed to achieve one goal over another is worth careful reflection. You will not get that time back – and although it’s never too late to follow your passion, wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t waste time in actually getting to it?

That’s it. 5 simple (but not so simple) questions designed to provide clarity of purpose behind that which you want to achieve this year. Good luck.