Jackie was asked to leave her class because according to her, the professor doesn’t like her. Never mind that she was in the back of the class asleep and only woke up when the discussion got loud. This occurred Twice. She came to my office.
Dear Jackie,

Okay, so weeeee CAN’T stay in my office.

“Why?” Jackie asked.

Come on Jackie. Can we both take a minute and have you admit that you reek of something. I don’t even want to know what IT is, but I can’t die of it in my office.

“A little weed never hurt anyone Dr. T.!”

I burst out laughing and very slightly start shaking my head.

So you don’t think that has anything to do with why you were asked to leave the class?

“How?! How is my smoking weed hurting his class? Sure I dozed off a bit, but that isn’t hurting him. I need to smoke weed to come to class. And truthfully it helps me concentrate more.

Oh Dear Heavens, Jackie! I want to empathize with you, I actually don’t care that you’re smoking weed because hey you’re an adult and that’s your choice. But you’re paying for that instructor to engage you on something and how can that happen when you’re fast asleep because you’re totally in a daze? Is a few moments of smoking worth you possibly failing the course, repeating the course and possibly graduating in 5 or 6 years instead of 4? When Fannie Mae or somebody’s Mae starts collecting on that student loan, would the few puffs had been worth it?

“I hear you, but …”

You don’t hear me. And trust me, we can both laugh about it now, but you won’t be laughing later. Still love you though.