It's About You

I don’t have to know you, but I believe in you. I do. I believe that students are the answer. You are powerful, creative, and visionary – once you find your voice. Over the last 15 years students have asked me to create this space. I finally listened. This is for you. This space will help you find your own voice, passion and pathway. So jump right in and let’s start the journey!

You Too?

Describe yourself in one word. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

You just ran through hundreds of words and it’s a struggle for you to just pick one. How could you? You are an Adventurer, Seeker, Wanderlust, Strategist, Solutionist, Caretaker, Comedian, Empathizer. Wait, YOU TOO?

You knew you were going to take over the world when you started this college journey and only one semester in you are whispering to yourself – who the heck am I?! What the heck am I doing here? — Yours wasn’t a whisper either?😂

Everyone else’s voice seems to be shouting yours down and what you once thought you were passionate about doesn’t matter to you anymore.

Whether it was because of a bad break-up, a failed class, becoming the president of your organization, or even cheating on a test, you are now searching for your voice, your passion, and your pathway. You have come to the right place.

You have questions. . .

  • Why am I really in college?
  • Do I need a college degree to get to where I want to be? And am I happy with this major?
  • I feel lost. I wish more people could see my vision. (My family and friends are supportive, but don’t quite “get it”).
  • I am just confused about this whole experience and I am faking it to get by! Can everyone tell I’m totally faking it?

Regardless of your classification in college, you want to FIND YOUR VOICE, identify your passion and figure out a pathway.

You want your time in college to help make you and not break you. You want your creativity, your talents, and your curiosity to manifest into something that matters both to you and beyond.

You’re ready to find out what your IMPACT should be and perhaps yes, change the world (one little speck at a time).

But HOW? — This is where you are stuck.

Read my lips (if you could see them), ALL OF US have been there. Yes, even that seemingly self-assured Student Government President that you admire!

Remember I said I believe in you even without meeting you?

  • I believe you have the potential to be the best student that you can be, to challenge your perceived limitations and tell them to go straight to hell. I am the person to encourage you to do that.
  • I believe your voice deserves to be heard. But first, it must be found. I’m here to help you find it and challenge you to use it.
  • I believe you deserve to explore passions that allow you to love what you do, separate from working for a paycheck. I’m determined to give you the tools to find those passions and identify pathways to pursue them.
  • And yes, I believe that deep down inside you need to know that no one has it all figured out and most people are faking it. That you are just as good as whoever is out there. That you can do this — and I am committed to reminding you of that every chance I get.

Here’s the deal: You have value. As a student, you are in the most exciting phase of exploration in your life and I am here to help you shed the pressure and embolden your true voice.

Hmm — Me? 🤔


Hello there! My name is Tosin Richard and I was born to harvest the best out of my students – in spite of themselves.

I am a college professor and I love the best part of what I do and that’s my students. Yes, even the ones that can’t stand me. We won’t all be good at countless things and we know that – I am good at this. I am good for students. I want to see you soar and want to play whatever role I can to help you realize your own passions and potential.

Forever a student

I wasn’t freaked out when I started college, even though I definitely should have been! I never liked college but I have always loved learning. I credit that reality and other interesting experiences for my approach and success to assist students through their journey in college.

I journey with you. I remain a student.

I knew I had something special when students would say to others, “she doesn’t even have to like you, but she will bring the best out of you if you let her.” Mine is the office that could benefit from having a couch with a forever supply of tissues — but when you get up to leave, you are leaving with a plan. I will not meet every student, but I know I can help you.

I want to help you find your voice, embolden you to use it and become the rockstar that you are! Introduce yourself to me and let’s start your journey.

The mushy stuff

I am a daddy’s girl and will be at any age. I consider myself a world citizen having being raised since the age of two, in Europe (United Kingdom), and Africa (Nigeria and The Gambia) and with cultural influences from more than a few countries.

I am an introverted workaholic, packaged in a fashion loving, clean faced, deceptively charming extrovert. Outside of work — give me a cup of tea, a space to connect spiritually and my dogs, and good luck finding me.

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